3 Essays on the History of St. Patrick Church

The following are written accounts about the colorful and dynamic history of St. Patrick Church. The church continues to be a beacon of light and truth within the bustling and ever-evolving city of San Francisco.


Historic Church Reborn

by Judy Ritcher

November 1, 1998

As San Francisco's Yerba Buena Gardens area assumes an ever more modem look, entertainment complexes, one staunchly traditional building remains: St. Patrick's Church. The roots of this Roman Catholic church on Mission Street between Third and Fourth streets, go back to the Gold Rush. The present building, which church deacon Virgil Capetti describes as modified English Gothic, or Gothic Revival, goes back to 1914. Continued...

The Changing Faces of St. Patrick's

by Nora Boyd

March 15, 1981 - Every year about this time, Sexton Roger Chico carries from the rectory to the main altar of St. Patrick's Church between Third and Fourth on Mission a needlepoint picture of the Irish saint/ it was worked by a little girl in an orphanage in Virginia City, Nevada, 104 years ago. Continued...

St. Patrick's Church Founded by City's Early Irish Families

by Maurice Shean

February 25, 1953 - Said to be "the most Irish church in America," St. Patrick's Catholic Church here nevertheless serves as many nationalities as there are colors in its brilliant stained glass windows. Although the parishioners come from many lands, the taste of the city's early Irish is easily apparent in the church they built to honor their patron. Continued...