"We are Christian Stewards."

March 9, 2014 is Stewardship Sunday here at St. Patrick's. We are also launching the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal 2014 this weekend of March 8th and 9th. In lieu of the homily I decided to have a video presentation of the AAA. In that video Archbishop Cordileone describes some of the programs, ministries and services that impact families within our parish and neighboring parishes. The Appeal is not only about asking for your financial donation but also an eye-opener on how you can practice your stewardship.

 Remember that we are not just stewards but also Christian stewards. As Christian stewards we share in the three-fold ministry of Jesus as priest, prophet and king. The common priesthood that we share by virtue of our baptism requires us to celebrate the sacraments, especially the Sunday Eucharist. St. Patrick’s main ministry is to provide meaningful liturgies not only to the parishioners but also to the many visitors from all over the world who join us in our liturgical celebrations. Volunteering as a liturgical minister is one way of sharing in the priesthood of Jesus. Catechists in the Religious Education Program, RCIA, Baptismal and Marriage Prep are fulfilling their prophetic ministry in teaching and providing formation for those who are preparing to receive the sacraments. Prophetic ministry is not about predicting the future but it is about proclaiming the truth of the word of God. The ministry of Jesus as king is all about service. Jesus said that he came into the world not to be served but to serve. When we participate in the works of justice and mercy on behalf of persons in need we are able to share in the ministry of Jesus as king. Joining the Saint Vincent de Paul Society here at St. Patrick’s is an effective way to reach out to the less fortunate among us. I hope that in the future we will be able to explore more opportunities on how we can become the “Church of the Poor.” Throughout the first year of his papacy, becoming the “Church of the Poor” is Pope Francis’ constant call to all of us, the clergy and the laity.

Our support of the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal is a step in the right direction on how we can truly become the “Church of the Poor.”  Many, if not all of the programs and ministries of the archdiocese that the AAA supports, benefit our brothers and sisters who are most in need of our gifts of time, talent and treasure.