Wedding Inquiry Information

Steps to take:

  1. Call the parish office to enquire about available dates for marriage ceremony.
  2. You must be registered at St. Patrick Church (at least 6 months) or bring a letter from your home parish
  3. Arrange initial meeting with a priest at St. Patrick Church or meet with your own Pastor
  4. Complete and submit the Wedding Booking Form, including the deposit
  5. Complete the process for dispensation, if applicable (see below:  Documents #3).
  6. Obtain all other documents that apply to you.
  7. Get in touch with parish musician & liturgical coordinator no less than 8 weeks prior to wedding date
  8. Make final payment no less than 6 weeks prior to wedding date
  9. Email your church ceremony program, readings and prayer selections to officiating priest.
  10. Obtain marriage license if needed (see below:  Documents #4).

Documents: Your circumstances will determine if you need all or some of the documents listed below.

  1. Certificate of Baptism

It must be RECENT, issued within 6 months of submitting (for a Catholic).  If you are a baptized non-Catholic, a copy of your original certificate of baptism will suffice.  Please make sure to obtain current mailing address of the church of baptism.

  1. Confirmation certificate

This can be a copy of the original, no need for a new one.  Certificate of baptism, ideally, includes details of your confirmation, and if so, you will not need a separate document.  Obtain certificate of baptism first.

  1. Dispensation form(s)

It is used in case of mixed religion, previous marriage(s), etc. If applicable, must be completed with the priest preparing you for marriage. Please note, any booking is TENTATIVE only, until this process is completed.

  1. Marriage License – if you have never been married

Obtain it from any California county within 2 or 3 months of your wedding date (usually valid for 90 days, please check with issuing office); submit no later than rehearsal day.  However, if you choose to have a Confidential Marriage License, it must be issued in the County of San Francisco.

Please note:  by law, a wedding ceremony CANNOT be held without a valid marriage license, regardless of all arrangements you will have made.

  1. Current Marriage certificate – if you are already in a civil marriage, seeking Church convalidation

Please submit at the first meeting with the priest preparing you for marriage.

  1. Marriage certificate(s) of previous marriage(s)

If you were married before, please submit at the first meeting with the priest preparing you for marriage.

  1. Divorce decree(s)

If you are divorced, please submit at the first meeting with the priest preparing you for marriage.

  1. Having a wedding at St. Patrick Church implies that you are a registered parishioner of our church for at least 6 months. If you home parish is elsewhere, you will have to bring a permission letter from your church.
  • If you (Catholic Party) are not a registered member of our parish, you will need to obtain a “permission letter” /“freedom to marry” from your own parish and complete the marriage preparation in your own parish. Your local priest will send the complete wedding packet to the Pastor, no later than six weeks before the ceremony. You can invite your pastor/another priest to officiate your marriage at St. Patrick’s
  • If you (Catholic Party) are not residing in the Archdiocese of San Francisco, you will need to undergo marriage preparation in your own parish and diocese where you are a registered parishioner or have residence. Your local priest will send completed wedding packet to the Chancery office of your local Diocese.  Documents will then be forwarded to St. Patrick’s. 
  • If the officiating priest is from outside the Archdiocese of San Francisco, the priest will be asked to obtain and submit the Letter of Good Standing and Permission for Visiting Clergy in order to perform priestly duties in this Archdiocese. Please provide your priest’s contact details.
  • If the officiating priest is from another parish within the Archdiocese of San Francisco, he will only need to obtain the delegation – written or verbal – from the Pastor of St. Patrick Church.
  1. Because marriage is such a serious commitment, the process of preparing for your wedding involves several stages.  For this reason, wedding arrangements must be made at least six (6) months before the wedding date.
  1. Each bridal party has a scheduled time for both the rehearsal and wedding ceremony.  Should your wedding begin later than the scheduled time, your photography session inside the church may be shortened or cancelled to ensure undisturbed liturgical celebrations that follow your wedding ceremony.  

Rehearsal can be Thursday or Friday 6pm – 7:30pm. Wedding ceremony is Saturday at 2pm; the church is available to you 1pm-4pm, i.e. one hour before (set up, flowers) and one hour after the ceremony (pictures).

  1. The Church is a sacred place, the House of God.  Reverent cooperation and decorum are expected from all.  Please remind your wedding party and guests to show reverence, speak quietly, not to bring food or drink inside the church.  The use of alcohol in the church or on the property at any time by members of the wedding party or guests is not allowed.  By signing below you assume responsibility to communicate this to all friends and guests attending your wedding rehearsal and ceremony at St. Patrick Church.

Please either print the attached form and fill out pages 3-4 and return to the parish office via email. If you prefer, you may also print out the form and bring or mail it to the parish office. (Attention: Secretary).  ATTACHED DOWNLOADABLE DOCUMENT HERE

Or continue and fill out the online form. 

Feel free to contact parish office with any questions. Office hours are Mon-Fri 9am-1pm and 2pm-5pm.

Please sign and date below, certifying that all information you submitted is correct and that you have read and understood the requirements.

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